Nursing is a calling inside the human services division concentrated on the consideration of people, families, and networks so they may achieve, keep up, or recuperate ideal wellbeing and personal satisfaction. Medical attendants might be separated from other medicinal services suppliers by their way to deal with patient consideration, preparing, and extent of training. Attendants practice in numerous claims to fame with contrasting degrees of medicine expert.

Numerous attendants give care inside the requesting extent of doctors, and this customary job has formed the open picture of medical attendants as consideration suppliers. In any case, Nurse Practitioners are allowed by most purviews to rehearse freely in an assortment of settings. In the after war time frame, nurture instruction has experienced a procedure of expansion towards cutting edge and concentrated certifications, and huge numbers of the customary guidelines and supplier jobs are evolving.

On the off chance that you need to help individuals and serve the wiped out, at that point you can clearly study nursing. It isn’t only a vocation, yet an occupation that can roll out extraordinary improvements in numerous lives. Being a medical attendant requires huge tolerance, assurance, and devotion. In the event that you feel that you have these characteristics, at that point the nursing field will be ideal for you. There are a lot of nursing schools in Bangalore where you can apply for Admission. When you are looking at the best nursing universities in Bangalore for Admission, you should check on the off chance that it is partnered by the Karnataka Nursing Council and the Indian Nursing Council. Just in the event that the school is perceived, at that point just your degree will be substantial.

The different courses in nursing are General Nursing and Midwifery Course (GSM), which is a three-year course and B. Sc Nursing, which is a 4-year course. The qualification for both the courses is a go in higher auxiliary school examination. For B.Sc., you ought to have considered the science stream in +12, and for the GSM, any stream in class 12 will be fine.

The significant subjects secured during the GSM degree course are life systems, humanism, microbiology, basics of nursing, medicinal careful nursing, maternity care, pediatric nursing, and PC instruction.

The schedule for B. Sc Nursing by and large incorporates an establishment course, social sciences, and a catch up on of the fundamental sciences. The different other medicinal careful nursing, psychological well-being nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Nursing Administration, and Maternal Nursing The best nursing universities in Bangalore may likewise have a course that incorporates PC for nursing.

After you complete the undergraduate course in nursing, you can also apply for M. Sc in Nursing. This post-graduate program is spread over a period of two years. To apply for admission in this course, you should have completed B.Sc. or Post B.Sc. Nursing from a recognized university. Plus, you should be a registered nurse. The syllabus for this PG course includes advanced concepts in nursing, nursing research and statistics, nursing management, and a specialization course. You will also have to take up an internship course in a hospital or clinic as a part of the nursing degree.

After successful completion of graduate or undergraduate course, you will have plenty of employment opportunities. You can work in a hospital or clinic as a registered nurse. The other job profiles you can check out are community health nurse, medical assistants, nurse practitioners, nurse administrator, and nurse educator.

Types of Courses in Nursing Colleges

Diploma in Nursing:-  Duration of a Diploma in Nursing is of 3 Years and after that a temporary position of a half year. Examination is led by Nursing Education Board.

B.Sc Nursing: – To get confirmation in B.SC nursing you ought to have decent evaluations in 10+2 test from a perceived college and a General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) certificate course. Additionally the age ought not be under 17 years.

Likewise in 10+2 test the subjects ought to be Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Length of B.Sc Nursing is of 4 years and after that an entry level position of a half year. Examination is directed by University.

M.Sc Nursing: – After consummation of the B.Sc nursing, understudies can take confirmation for the M.Sc Nursing. Term for M.Sc Nursing is of 2 years. Examination is directed by University.

M.Phil:- Duration for M.Phil is 1 Year Full time and 2 Years for Part time.

Ph.D:- Duration for Ph.d is 3-5 years.

M.Sc nursing you can do specialization in below areas-

  • Psychiatric Nursing

  • Pediatric Nursing

  • Nephrological Nursing

  • Oncological Nursing

  • Critical Care Nursing

  • Nephrological Nursing

  • Cardiological /CTVS Nursing

  • Also there are some other courses in midwifery like General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM), Auxilliary Nurse Midwife/ Health Worker (ANM), Master of Public Health (MPH) and Multipurpose Health Workers Training.

What Is GNM ?

GNM represents (General Nursing and Midwifery) and spotlights on teaching nursing understudies on the subjects of general human services and maternity care.

What is the duration of GNM course?

It is a Diploma course, ordinarily simply known as GNM course. Length: The course is 3½ years long. Scholarly program is of 3 years and a half year are devoted towards entry level position. Entry level position is required.

What is the salary of GNM nurse?

The pay of a GNM nurture in India differs incredibly relying upon the position, the district and the experience of the medical attendant. GNM work postings on Indian quest for new employment locales, One India Jobs, Hyderabad-Jobs and Jobs India, demonstrate a compensation go somewhere in the range of 4,500 and 12,000 rupees for every month for GNM medical caretakers at the season of production.

What B.Sc Nursing ?

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing additionally referred to in certain nations as a Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Science with a Major in Nursing is a scholarly degree in the science and standards of nursing, conceded by an authorize tertiary training supplier. The course of study is normally three or four years.

What is distinction among GNM and B.Sc nursing?

B.Sc (hons) nursing is superior to GNM as GNM is confirmation as it were. For promotion,B.Sc is liked and get degree remittances too in govt clinics. Aside from this,one needs to complete two years post B.Sc afer GNM then just they are proportional to … Duration of nursing is multi year and 3.5 year for the GNM.

What is the compensation of B Sc Nursing?

Your compensation goes up consistently as you addition experience. In the wake of staying in the calling for in any event five years, you can expect a month to month compensation in the scope of Rs.3.2 lakh – Rs.7.8 lakh. Medical caretakers and ladies with over 20 years of experience get a month to month compensation between Rs.1.0 lakh – Rs. 2.3 lakh every month.

What is the qualification for Admission In BSc nursing?

Four year education in science in Nursing or B.Sc Nursing is a 4-year college class, the base qualification paradigm for which is the fruitful consummation of 10+2 degree of training in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Nursing Work

Nurses build up an arrangement of consideration, working cooperatively with doctors, advisors, the patient, the patient’s family and other colleagues, that spotlights on getting sickness improve personal satisfaction. In the United States and the United Kingdom, propelled practice attendants, for example, clinical attendant experts and attendant professionals, analyze medical issues and endorse prescriptions and different treatments, contingent upon individual state guidelines. Attendants may help organize the patient consideration performed by different individuals from a multidisciplinary medicinal services group, for example, specialists, therapeutic experts and dietitians. Medical caretakers give care both reliantly, for instance, with doctors, and autonomously as nursing experts.

Nursing Theory

Nursing practice is the genuine arrangement of nursing care. In giving consideration, medical attendants actualize the nursing care plan utilizing the nursing procedure. This is based around a particular nursing hypothesis which is chosen dependent on the consideration setting and populace served. .All in all terms, the nursing procedure is the technique used to survey and analyze needs, plan results and intercessions, actualize mediations, and assess the results of the consideration gave. Like different controls, the calling has created various speculations gotten from now and again assorted philosophical.In giving nursing care, the attendant uses both nursing hypothesis and best practice got from nursing research conviction sand standards or perspectives to help medical caretakers direct their exercises to achieve explicit objectives.

Fortes Of Nursing | Nursing is the most different of all social insurance callings. Medical caretakers practice in a wide scope of settings yet by and large nursing is isolated relying upon the requirements of the individual being breast fed.

Top B.Sc Nursing Colleges in Bangalore

  • Shridevi Institute of Nursing | Tumkur | Bangalore | Karnataka
  • The Oxford College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • Dayananda Sagar College of Nursing | DSCN | Bangalore
  • M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Nursing Education and Research | Bangalore
  • T John College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • Kempegowda College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • Koshys College Of Nursing | KGI | Bangalore
  • RajaRajeswari College Of Nursing | RRCN | Bangalore
  • Vydehi Institute Of Nursing Sciences | VINS | Bangalore
  • AECS Magnolia Maaruti PU And Nursing College
  • Karnataka College of Nursing | KCN | Bangalore
  • R.R. Nursing Institution | RRNI | Bangalore
  • Aditya College Of Nursing | ACN | Bangalore
  • Krupanidhi College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • Dr. Shyamala Reddy College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • Florence College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • Padmashree Institute Of Nursing | Bangalore
  • S.E.A College Of Nursing | Bangalore
  • Hillside School And College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • East Point College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • Faran College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • Adarsha College Of Nursing | Bangalore
  • M.V.J College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • Global College of Nursing | Bangalore
  • East west College of Nursing | Bangalore

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